MAB Environment & Ecology Ltd carry out bat surveys and licence applications for development projects in Yorkshire, Humber and the North East. We also take on larger projects throughout England and Wales. Bat surveys range from simple presence/absence studies to complex European Protected Species licence applications. We have several in-house surveyors with Natural England licences to survey for bats in all English Counties, alongside a number of seasonal surveyors. We use a variety of technical equipment including time-expansion (Pettersson D240x) bat detectors with computer analysis software (Sonobat, & Batsound). We use unmanned recorders with automated species analysis (Pettersson D500x ultrasound recorders). We will also survey trees for bat roosts.

Using the European Protected Species licence system, by the end of 2022 we have obtained more than 190 licences for development projects where disturbance or destruction of bat roosts is inevitable. In all cases, mitigation and compensation plans have successfully replaced lost habitat and reduced direct impact on bats to negligible levels. Giles Manners was one of he first ecologists to be registered for use of the Bat Low Impact Class Licence, and is now enrolled in the Bat Earned Recognition Project whereby licensing will be easier, faster and more assured.

Our philosophy is to focus on providing value for money and a pragmatic problem-solving approach. We ensure our clients are as unhindered as possible by wildlife legislation, while at the same time staying true to the principles of ecological protection and enhancement.

We currently take on around 250 bat surveys each year.

MAB Environment & Ecology Ltd, by working in the North East and Yorkshire for many years, have built up an indispensable knowledge of each Local Planning Authority’s methodology and standards for wildlife surveying. We also maintain good relationships with the local bat groups, the Bat Conservation Trust and Natural England, in order to get the best service for our clients.

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