Biodiversity Net Gain Metric 4.1

In a continuing scramble to get the horse before the cart, DEFRA have released yet another Metric (4.1), and there is a new version of UK Habs mapping on the way, all just weeks ahead of national policy intruction in Nov 2023, for all but small sites – they come in April 2024.

In North Yorks we have recently seen a merger of all the local authorities (except City of York) in North Yorkshire Council, but local plans are still in operation, and regional teams operate largely independently, adding to the confusion. Hambleton, for example, demand 10% net gain on everything, whether appropriate or not. We continue to liaise closely with the planning authority, and we have to date seen no evidence of a local credit scheme being launched – so until then, if you cant get 10% on your land your options are the National Credit Scheme at an eyewatering cost of £45,000 for a point lost, and they will double the points – or else use a commercial scheme. So for relatively modest development on a constrained site, a net loss may still be a game changer.

At MAB we will use our 3 years experience of BNG to minimise your exposure to loss, and to maximise the benefits and compatability of enhancement measures.